Membership Benefits and Fees


The Hutt Valley Branch has two membership types:

Type Cost Per Year

* Joint / Household membership is for family members residing at the same address

Single $30
Joint / Household* $40

Membership includes:


Membership Forms

How to Join

To join our Branch, fill out a New Membership Form (Word).

Then organise payment of your subscription - see Payment Options.

Renewing Your Membership

The Branch's membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March.  Prior to 31 March members will be contacted and reminded to renew their membership.  A renewal form will be provided.

If for any reason you do not receive a reminder and form prior to 31 March, or you would like to arrange your renewal at another time of the year, a Membership Renewal Form (Word) is provided here for your convenience.

Complete the renewal form and choose a Payment Options.

Payment Options

When your form (either joining or renewal) is completed, either: